Do you have a story to tell and can you be one of our 100 voices for 2024? Then why not tell us your story for this project with BBC Radio Merseyside.

Every day we hear stories. Visitors will talk to our guides about the association they or a family member has had with this great building. As we prepare to celebrate our centenary year we want to capture the voices and stories of people who have some association with the cathedral. We’d love to record the oral history of Liverpool Cathedral told by the people who have engaged with us over the years.

For 2024 we are going to work to capture those stories. We are delighted to be in partnership with BBC Radio Merseyside who will be recording and sharing those stories on their station and on  BBC Sounds.

Your story could be about how you or a relative helped build part of this magnificent place. Maybe you sang in the choir over the years, or you attended one of our fantastic services. Perhaps you were at a celebrated concert or your graduation ceremony was here. Maybe you were baptised or confirmed in this place or you simply have a connection that you think others would like to hear.

We want your story. Simply email us your details and the brief details of the story you want to tell. And we will contact you if we can make your voice one of the 100 voices for 2024.