Encounter Liverpool Cathedral with the help of our virtual tour

Liverpool Cathedral is the largest church in the UK, and the 8th largest church in the world. We are a popular location, with 800,000 visitors every year.

If you would love the chance to encounter our iconic building in your own time, free from other guests, our virtual tour is the perfect option.

Grab yourself a hot drink, and immerse yourself in the stunning architecture, artwork and spiritual encounter that our building provides.

Liverpool Cathedral Virtual Tour

Supporting our work

Lots of people think we get the majority of our funds from public sources and the national church.  In fact, we don’t receive a penny from the government, and the main way the national church supports us is through salaries for our clergy. 

As a young Cathedral we don’t have the same historic assets as the ancient English cathedrals that have hundreds of years of philanthropy to fall back on when times are tough.

if you would like to help support our work, you can donate, here.


This tour was created courtesy of funding from the Friends of Liverpool Cathedral.