Liverpool Cathedral's Art Collection

Churches and Cathedrals have provided inspiration to some of the Western world’s greatest music and visual art. At times of widespread illiteracy, visual art in churches was a powerful means of both communication and control.

There is art in the cathedral for everyone to enjoy, whether that be a traditional painting, a classic stained glass window or the instagramable neon sign under our West Window. Bring your camera and snap some photos of the beautiful art Liverpool Cathedral has to offer or just take some time to enjoy our collection in peace.

In keeping with the vastness of the building, Liverpool Cathedral has good examples of larger works by five  Royal Academicians:

alongside works by a number of other contemporary artists.

On this page, you can find out about the art in the Cathedral, The Windows, Embroidery, Exhibitions, Art News and Other works in our collection.

You can also read all about our previous installations.

While making your way around The Cathedral you will encounter:


The Welcoming Christ Sculpture by Elizabeth Frink.

Welcoming Risen Christ Sculpture

This is the first piece of art you will see when coming into the Cathedral.

On Easter Day 1993, Elizabeth Frink’s The Welcoming Christ was unveiled at Liverpool Cathedral.  The artist died a few days later, but the sculpture was enough to establish her as one of the foremost religious sculptors of the century. 


‘For You’ Light Installation by Tracey Emin

Located at the West Window, the Purpose of this neon art installation is to encourage the viewer to think about love and the need to share love.  It is specifically placed over the main doors of the Cathedral for people to spend time in contemplation as they 

Tracey Emin Neon sign 'I felt you and I knew you loved me'

enter or before they leave the building.

The work was commissioned by the Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral as a principal contribution to Liverpool’s year as European Capital of Culture 2008.

Painting of Crucifixion by Gary Bunt Painting of Crucifixion by Gary Bunt

Bert, his dog, our God - An artist’s impression of the New Testament.

Gary paints in ‘the shed’ (his studio) which is nestled in his garden which he has designed and landscaped so the village church spire can be seen from his easel.

Icon of the Trinity Painting by Cristi PaslaruIcon of the Trinity Painting by Cristi Paslaru

As you enter The Baptistry you will notice this piece.

This icon is a copy, by the contemporary Romanian iconographer Cristi Paslaru, of the original 15th century piece deemed to be by the Russian painter Andrei Rublev, whose original work hangs in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow.


The Outraged Christ by Charles LutyensOutraged Christ

Entering the Derby Transept you will see the ‘Outraged Christ’ sculpture.

It is a 15ft high depiction in wood, iron, and steel of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Made of hard and soft wood, drilled, dowelled and bound together with powerful construction adhesive, it was shaped primarily with a large chisel and chainsaw by Charles Lutyens.

Charles decided to become an artist while at Bryanston School in Dorset. He studied oil painting and sculpture at the Chelsea, Slade, St Martin's and Central Schools of Art in London, and later in 1957 with Andre Lhote in Paris.

This sculpture was started some 40 years ago, while sitting outside College - Over a period of days he sculpted the head of Christ.

You can find out more about Charles Lutyens here.

LJMU Cross sculpture by J. R. M. RobertsonLJMU Cross

This Cross was presented to Liverpool Cathedral by Liverpool Polytechnic on the Tenth Anniversary of the Polytechnic in 1980. The sculpture was designed and constructed by J. R. M. Robertson of the Fine Art Department.


The Good Samaritan by Adrian Wisznieski

Located in the South Choir Aisle The Good Samaritan was Commissioned in 1995 and given to the Cathedral in March 1996. Funded by the Jerusalem Trust, £94000 for 2 paintings and £11750 framing.

The painting is on permanent display in the Cathedral.



Kneeling Madonna by Giovanni De La Robbia

kneeling Madonna and baby christ

Donated by Francis Neilson a 15th century statue in wood of the Kneeling Madonna by Giovanni Della Robbia is complemented by a figure of the Baby Christ Child in The Lady Chapel


The Baby Christ Child by Don MacKinlay

In 2002, the Cathedral Chapter commissioned the Rossendale artist, Don McKinlay, to create a Christ-child to be set alongside the Madonna. The commission was given in memory of Dean Derrick Walters who died in 2000.

Josephine Butler Windows

The Josephine Butler Trust commissioned the work to restore the Noble Women windows within the Lady Chapel. The nineteenth century social reformer and campaigner for women’s rights is one of the 12 women featured in the windows. The trust works to

 keep her vision alive and annually celebrates current social reformers.

At the End…A Beginning by Richard Harrison

The artist Richard Harrison, whose triptych 'Crucifixion: At the End… A Beginning' hangs in the Cathedral Ambulatory, it was accepted to exhibit at the John Moores 2010 Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery.

At the End…A Beginning by Richard Harrison

Risen Christ Maquette by Elizabeth FrinkRisen Christ Maquette by Elizabeth Frink

This Marquette is located in the Ambulatory… Dame Elisabeth Frink was an English sculptor and printmaker born in Suffolk November 1930. She studied at the Guilford School of Art and at the Chelsea School of Art.

She became a part of a post-war group of British sculptors



Calvary by John Ronald Craigie Aitchison CBE RSA RACalvery painting

This painting is located in The Chapter House- it was Commissioned by the Dean and Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral and was dedicated on 8th July 1998 at Evensong. The artist has a deep feeling for the crucifixion. He captures the desolation, the horror, and the pain; but at the same time, he manages in his frugal style, to signal the crucifixion as the gateway to hope and resurrection. 

The Holy Family by Josefina VasconcellosHoly Family sculpture

Josefina de Vasconcellos was an internationally renowned sculptor who was born in Molesey in Surrey in 1904. Vasconcellos was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1985 for her community work for disadvantaged and disabled children.

This sculpture is located in The Children’s Chapel

Painting of Liverpool Cathedral by Hannah Thompson

This beautiful painting of the Cathedral and its surroundings is located in The Children’s

Hannah Thompson Painting




Our Lady of Walsingham by UnknownOur Lady of Walsingham by Unknown

This impressive sculpture is located in the North Choire Aisle



House Built Upon Rock by Adrian WiszniewskiHouse Built Upon Rock by Adrian Wiszniewski

Located in the North Choir Aisle this painting was Commissioned in 1995 and given to the Cathedral in March 1996. 

Funded by the Jerusalem Trust, £94000 for 2 paintings and £11750 framing. An allegory of The House Built Upon Rock will show a family at the seaside with a serpentine sand snake, sandcastles, buckets and spades. The painting is using the parable as a premonition of Christ’s crucifixion.

Cross Icon painting by Ludmila PawlowskaCross Icon painting by Ludmila Pawlowska

She is a Kazakh Post-war and contemporary artist who was born in 1964. Numerous Art Galleries and museums have featuredd Ludmila’s work.

This piece is located in The Chapel of The Holy Spirit.


The Redemption by
The Redemption by Arthur Dooley and Anne McTavish
Arthur Dooley and Anne McTavish

On the 12th March 1997, The Fabric advisory committee approved the application to display a sculpture and tapestry “The Redemption” by Sculptor Arthur Dooley and Embroiderer Ann McTavish in the chapel of the Holy Spirit.




Christi Paslaru pieces in Chapel of The Holy Spirit

Large Icons Painting - The Icons were painted on boards that have been cut to size and sculpted in a Monastery.  They are made of lime wood with oak struts on the back which prevent warping.  The wood is prepared in the traditional manner with a canvas and several layers of gesso (plaster). The style of painting is known as Tempera on Wood.

Christi Paslaru pieces in Chapel of The Holy SpiritChristi Paslaru pieces in Chapel of The Holy SpiritChristi Paslaru pieces in Chapel of The Holy Spirit

Memorial Bust Noel Chavasse by Terry Mc DonaldMemorial Bust

Located in The Memorial Chapel this sculpture is made by Terry Mcdonald.

His apprenticeship began when he was still a teenager at the Bluecoat Studios, he was there for 10 years.  In Liverpool Cathedral he worked on some of the intricate finials of the huge columns after they were damaged in a storm.

The Prodigal Son by Christopher Le Brun

Located on the left side of the Presbytery, this painting was made in 1996.

The phrase from the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) which inspired the artist was 'He saw him while he was still far off…'. The road winds towards us from the distant land through which the son had travelled. As he approaches, head down, arms at his side, he is greeted by the dog that jumps up in recognition.

The Prodigal Son by Christopher Le Brun

The Good Samaritan by Christopher Le Brun

Also located in the Presbytery the painting was funded by the Jerusalem Trust £152750 for the 2 paintings The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan, £17625 for framing. In 2009 Le Brun was commissioned by the Royal Mint to design a new fifty pence piece commemorating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London.The Good Samaritan by Christopher Le Brun

‘Praise’ by Peter VaillantThe Good Samaritan by Christopher Le Brun

The painting is located at the shop stairs.

Peter Vaillant is a recognised and acclaimed British abstract artist, obtaining notoriety, through international exhibitions. Reviewed as having an intrepid, powerful, and vibrant modernism, distinguishable to his peers.



Liverpool Cathedral has approx 1700 m² (over 18,000 feet² ) of stained glass, all from the 20th century. The subject matter is both biblical and liturgical, but also contains elements of social and ecclesiastical history. Perhaps the most splendid is the Great West Window by Carl Edwards.

The Cathedral Shop sells an extensive range of books, cards and gifts plus The Stained Glass of Liverpool Cathedral filled with stunning photography. Buy online or visit the Cathedral Shop.



Sited high up and accessible only by lift is a unique museum of ecclesiastical embroidery. Beautifully displayed are examples worked mainly in the Victorian and Edwardian period, formerly the collection of Elizabeth Hoare.


Liverpool Cathedral regularly hosts temporary exhibitions of both local artists and prominent national and international artists.

Check our Events Calendar to find out what may be currently on show or planned for the future.

Art News

The artist Richard Harrison, whose triptych 'Crucifixion: At the End… A Beginning' hangs in the Cathedral Ambulatory, was accepted to exhibit at the John Moores 2010 Exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery. The painting shown was his 'Mountain Peaks' (2008).

Richard’s father, Malcolm Harrison (1913-1979), was for 32 years on the Cathedral Executive Committee, becoming Treasurer and then Chairman in the period leading up to the completion of the Cathedral in 1978. His memorial is to be found in the North Choir Aisle.

Other works in our collection

The Cathedral has many pieces of art in our collection that are in our offices around the building therefore hidden. Get an inside view here:


Archive Room Painting by Dorothy BradfordArchive Room Painting by Dorothy Bradford

The painting is a small-framed sketch of the Dean leading service and belongs to the Cross Guild.

Risen Christ painting by Elisabeth Frink

Located in The Dean's Office




Liverpool Cathedral Spring Morning by David SheppardLiverpool Cathedral Spring Morning by David

Located in The Dean's Office



The Liverpool Lighthouse by Frank GreenThe Liverpool Lighthouse by Frank Green

Located in The Deans Office


Painting by Edward Carter PrestonPainting in The Deans Office by Edward Carter Preston

Located in The Deans Office





Painting Burstall Cross by UnknownPainting Burstall Cross by Unknown located

Located in The Deans Office





Liverpool Cathedral East End by S. Alphege BrewerLiverpool Cathedral East End by S. Alphege Brewer

Located in The Deans Office





The Offering by Dorothy BradfordThe Offering by Dorothy Bradford

The painting is located at The Undercroft Stairs

“ I hope that as you look up at this painting you will sense that you hear a great a great outpouring of joy in all the richness and wonder of life, and in its tremendous power of continuity and renewal.”