‘Gaia’ at Liverpool Cathedral 2019

Gaia art installation, Luke Jerram’s fabulous 3D replica of the earth

Over 170,000 visitors from across the region and beyond came to Liverpool Cathedral to marvel at Luke Jerram’s fabulous 3D replica of the earth. Over 14,000 people not only experienced the earth floating above their heads but the installation’s 120dpi detailed NASA imagery of the earth's surface from another perspective after climbing the Cathedral’s Dulverton Bridge.

Part of Liverpool’s River Festival 2019, Gaia was one of the key pieces in the Changing Tides creative programme and it was an opportunity to see our planet (to scale)

Prayer stations were placed around the Cathedral to help visitors reflect on the earth’s significance in creation. Around 48,000 candles were lit while Gaia was in place compared to 10,000 usually used in the same time period.

Photography by Gareth Jones Photography