From 28th July - 3rd September 2023 we further explored our identity, both individually and collectively.

This thought-provoking art installation by artist Peter Walker, explored the concept of identity and how we are all connected. 

The third installation of Peter's Liverpool Cathedral series. Following the success of both ‘Peace Doves’ and ‘Being Human’, this final chapter in the story focused on our individual identities, presented as a collective community. 

What is 'IDENTITY'?

'IDENTITY: We Are All Together' is Liverpool Cathedral’s largest installation to date!

Sculpted inside the building, ‘IDENTITY’ introduced seven illuminated columns, suspended over the Well. Each column was lit, with individual strips of light representing the double helix of DNA and demonstrating the unique make up of each person. Together, the seven columns represent our distinct differences, gathered in union.   

Whilst the reference to DNA demonstrates the uniqueness of us all, the columns were wrapped in over 3000 individual portraits, all photographed as part of Peter Walker’s 2022 installation ‘Being Human’, presented together as a collective. So if you joined us for Being Human summer 2022 and attended the photo booth... you may have seen yourself!



The number seven was selected for its poignant links, including the seven pillars of wisdom and the seven ages of man, as well as a number with striking biblical significance, denoting fullness and completion.  

The inclusion of our local people and previous visitors is reinforces our motto that at Liverpool Cathedral we are ‘Built by the people; for the people; to the Glory of God’. 

IDENTITY’S visual impact is supported by its ability to change colour throughout its stay at the cathedral, powerfully representing symbols of various communities and our shared values as well as individuality, including our ethnicity, gender and sexuality.  


Peter Walker quote: 

’IDENTITY' reflects on the fact that in a world of constant change and flux, and in a world where people quickly react to the differences between us, if we look at what unites us and unites every individual on earth, we will see that we are all inextricably linked.  

Scientific evidence shows that all current human DNA originated from a single population and that all humans through time are linked. From this, humanity has expanded and human societies populate all parts of the world today.

From that deep link between us, our individualities evolve and emerge, creating the diverse and endless individuals who live and inhabit the planet today.  

Identity is a fluid and constantly changing part of our lives in society - we are linked, but each of us is unique and individual. We are shaped through our faith, ethnicity, tastes and friendship groups, the culture we are born into and the communities we belong to and engage with, alongside our gender identity. 

In a world where we are so unique, where the existential self is shaped and ever changing, and where individuality is complex; it is the central unifying identity of humanity which joins us together” 


Dean Sue quote:  

“It is a pleasure to welcome Peter Walker back to Liverpool Cathedral, displaying this latest installation here in the Cathedral, in a space that has become familiar to him. Identity highlights the importance of both individuality and community. In a world of division and difference, we are pleased to host an installation that highlights the bonds and links that we all, as individuals, have in common. As a cathedral built and shared by the city's people, we understand the value of our community and look forward to welcoming visitors to view ‘IDENTITY here in the Well.” 


About the artist: Peter Walker

Peter Walker is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors.

An internationally renowned sculptor and artist, he produces sculptures, paintings, drawings, installation pieces, and Son-et-Lumiere for large-scale public art events.

Peter has created many public artworks. His work is in public and private collections internationally, including at the British Embassy in Dubai and Paris, The Collections of Limburg (Germany), St Chads Cathedral (Canada), Chester Cathedral, Sheffield Cathedral, and University Church in Oxford amongst others. He was the artist behind our Peace Doves artwork which was finally installed in 2021, following the pandemic.