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If you have some spare time, why not join our volunteer team at Liverpool Cathedral? The skills, time and passion of our volunteers help make every encounter at Liverpool Cathedral special. So if you're interested in welcoming people to our building or helping us fundraise, please contact Jenny Moran. 



Temporary Arts and Culture Volunteer 

Volunteering period: 27 July to 31 August 2022 

Minimum commitment: Six hours per week 

In addition to being a beautiful place of worship, we are one of Liverpool’s visited attractions, with around 800,000 people a year coming to see us. We welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds to encounter our heritage and our cultural programmes. This summer, as part of this programme, we are launching an exciting new artwork.  

You can join us for a short-term volunteering role to help support this awe-inspiring event. You will also have the chance to support during other events during the year. 

As a seasonal volunteer, you will be part of our front-of-house team, making sure every visitor to Liverpool Cathedral has a safe and enjoyable experience.  

You will be managed by our Fundraising Team and have the chance to develop the following skills while you are in post: 

  • customer service - learning to confidently talk to members of the public  
  • culture and heritage skills - answering questions from visitors about our building; permanent and temporary artworks  
  • digital skills – learning to use our ticketing systems to check-in visitors  
  • teamwork - you will be part of our front-of-house team, working collaboratively with our staff, regular and temporary volunteers each day. 

If you would like to become one of our arts and culture volunteers, contact: 

Elaine Taylor: Kickstart & Donation Coordinator 


T 0151 702 7249 

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Digital Content Officer

This is a key role in helping us tell our stories to achieve our vision to be a bigger church making a bigger difference. You will be someone who can extend our digital footprint by providing interesting content and sparky dialogue to help us engage with a wide range of audiences. You will be promoting our messages in a clear concise fashion.

Find out more and apply, here.

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