23,000 Peace Doves are winging their way to schools across the Merseyside area


As part of our Peace Dove art project, we’re sending out packs of paper doves so schools can create a mini art exhibition of their own.

Our Peace Doves exhibition, curated by internationally-renowned sculptor and artist Peter Walker, will culminate in the creation of a beautiful large-scale art installation that will be suspended above the Well from Friday 8th May to Sunday 31st May 2020.

So schools can get involved, we’re sending each school a pack of 40 paper doves which can be decorated with messages of peace, hope and love. Once decorated, schools can use the doves to create their mini Peace Doves artwork. One ‘Messenger Dove’ can also ‘fly’ back to us and be part of our major installation at the Cathedral.

One school was so inspired by our art project that they brought all their pupils and teachers to the Cathedral to be part of the installation. On Friday 28th February LIPA Primary School came, class-by-class, into the Cathedral and wrote their messages of peace hope and love on paper doves.

Yvonne Pearson, our Education Officer said, “We’re so pleased to be able to support primary schools across Merseyside in creating their very own Peace Doves artwork. LIPA Primary School not only wanted to create an artwork in their setting but wanted as many children as possible to be part of our major installation. Some of the children’s messages were truly awe-inspiring.”

“Sending out doves beyond the Cathedral also means that children can explore peace, war and religion interactively while creating their own beautiful dove-themed artwork.

She added, “We’re asking the schools to photograph their Peace Dove artwork display and share it with us using #LiverpoolDoves. We can’t wait to see the creativity of the children and their teachers.”

Holly Lucas, LIPA Primary School SENCO and Deputy Headteacher told us, “Thank you so much, we have absolutely loved it! We are so pleased to be a part of such an exciting event at the Cathedral and it was lovely working with you today.

“Keep us updated on anything we can help you with in the future or anything else we can be part of.”

Up until Sunday 19th April, anyone visiting the Cathedral can write messages of peace, hope and love on paper doves. Peter, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors will join the thousands of doves together to create the large-scale installation above the Well ready for its official opening on the 75th anniversary of VE day on 8th May 2020.

During February half-term, the Cathedral Education Team held several dove-themed family activity sessions, where children with their parents or carers wrote their messages of peace hope and love on paper doves.

Peter first created the ‘Peace Doves’ installation in the UK’s only the only medieval three-spired cathedral. Consisting of 20,000 paper doves, the artwork was suspended in the nave of Lichfield Cathedral between December 2018 and January 2019. Messages of peace were written on individual doves by children from over 70 schools from the surrounding area.