A blog about the Annual Review, from Dean Sue


Liverpool Cathedral, a place of encounter…

Sunday was a great day of celebration for the Cathedral as it celebrated ninety-eight years since its consecration. Ninety-eight years ago the main space of the Cathedral was consecrated by Bishop Augustus David for worship and prayer. In all that time I am sure the building has not experienced the comings and goings of the past two years. One minute we were open for prayer and worship, then we were opened to visitors and then we were closed! There was a lot of coming and going. Despite the disruptions, we have a lot to celebrate and as we publish our annual review for 2021 we can see just how much was undertaken in a turbulent time.

The year 2021 will be remembered not only as a Covid year, but also as the year the Peace Doves Installation actually arrived (a year later than planned). We could not have had a better installation for the mood of the city and country. Around 154,000 people came to see and to reflect on the past year and to reflect on the loss of so much.

The Installation brought people out of their homes and helped them re-engage with the world. The same was true for us as a Cathedral. The installation began our journey back to being a place of encounter.

A place where people can encounter:

Inspiring Christian Worship;
A breath-taking experience;
A community committed to justice and mercy;
A safe and generous place in joy and in sorrow;
A dynamic community of volunteers;
A God who know and loves you.

Our annual review for 2021 gives people a snapshot of what we achieved. It highlights the financial challenges, but also the generosity of people and grant awarding bodies. It highlights the work undertaken to care for those who are affected by the economic challenges of our day. It highlights the Cathedral as a place where people come in joy and in sorrow. It highlights the amazing music and worship and it highlights the amazing breath-taking experience.

We were not open for the whole of 2021, but when were open we made sure that people encountered an awe-inspiring building that was ‘built by the people for the people to the Glory of God.’

In 2021 we also continued to do what Cathedrals do best, we prayed for the church throughout the world, we prayed for the world and God’s creation, we prayed for the city region, we prayed for people across the world, for all who suffer and we prayed to the God who knows and loves us.

Sue Jones