A Day to Reflect…

Bunch of Daffodils

Can you believe that it is two years since the first lockdown? I cannot believe that all that time has passed but passed it has and here we are two years on having the second National Day of Reflection (https://www.mariecurie.org.uk). Last year Marie Curie encouraged the nation to spend the day in reflection remembering the past year. This year they say:

On 23 March, let's take time to connect, supporting the millions of people who are grieving, and remembering the family, friends, neighbours and colleagues we've lost over the last two years.

In Liverpool Cathedral (https://www.liverpoolcathedral.org.uk/events-calendar/national-day-of-reflection/) we will be offering the Cathedral Space for people to come and reflect. There will be some reflective spaces set up and people are welcome to come and just sit and remember.

There is so much to think about. You may wish to come and remember a loved one who has died. You may wish to come in gratitude for all those medical professionals who worked and are working tirelessly with people who are sick from COVID. You may wish to come and give thanks for your own life and the lives of your families and friends.

Liverpool Cathedral speaks of itself as a place of encounter and we hope and pray that in the context of this national day of reflection you will come and encounter the wonderful space and the imaginative candle art that we hope will enable you to reflect.

Remembering is so important. Some of you may remember in the first lock-down I wrote in one of these blogs about remembering and I used the picture of forget me not flowers. It is so important to remember and not to forget what has happened over the past two years. As Christians we are in the middle of Lent and Lent gives us the time to stop and reflect. Our services of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day are all about what happened all those centuries ago. They are about remembering the Last Supper, the Crucifixion of Jesus and Christ’s resurrection.

So today as we remember the last two years we give thanks for so many good people, we give thanks and remember those who have died and we give thanks for the many acts of kindness we have experienced during these years.