A fantastic uplift to our £24m for 2024 Campaign - £100K grant from Allchurches Trust


The Dean of Liverpool Cathedral, Pete Wilcox welcomes Allchurches Trust Grants Officer Peter Mojsa, to thank the Trust for their £100,000 grant towards our £24m for 2024 Campaign.

Originally the brainchild of Dean Pete, the £24m by 2024 (#24for2024) Appeal is our ambitious and visionary campaign to secure the Cathedral’s fabric, complete some major projects and place the Cathedral’s finances on a firm footing for the future.

The £100,000 from Allchurches Trust makes them one of the most significant supporters of our Appeal and the grant will be largely put towards necessary repair work to the roofing around the Cathedral and in the tower area.

Dean Pete said:

“We’d like to thank Allchurches Trust wholeheartedly for this essential funding. Raising £24m by 2024 is a bold vision, but also a pragmatic challenge and a reasonable proposition. As custodians of a Grade 1* listed building, a building occupying a very special place in people’s hearts as well as a dominating feature of the city’s skyline, we are committed to leaving a strong financial legacy for future generations. This substantial and generous grant from Allchurches Trust takes our appeal to over £7m and helps to ensure that we maintain our majestic building for generations to come.”

Allchurches Trust’s Peter Mojsa toured Liverpool Cathedral to see how the grant would be used. He said:

“Liverpool Cathedral’s “£24m for 2024” centenary appeal is the largest project in which we’ve ever played a part and our grant of £100,000 is one of the largest single grants we’ve ever given.  We’ve given grants to the Cathedral totalling £100,000 over the past four years for a range of other projects and now we’re delighted to be contributing to this major new campaign. ”

Julia Bates, recently appointed Director of Fundraising at Liverpool Cathedral, commented:

“It was a hugely generous grant we received from Allchurches Trust. When we took a tour with Peter round the building, we were able to show him the key areas suffering from the weather damage in need of urgent fabric repair. This Allchurches Trust funding will be an enormous help.”