A new year and new plans


Image from Unsplash from Paul Morley

Christmas and new year holidays are such a joyful time, especially when we finish another disastrous year waiting to finish a rough period and start another one, wishing for better. Our hope to overcome the problems and start a new life keeps us going; maybe that’s why the most exciting part of Christmas is probably the days before it. The expectation for a happy time with family and friends, celebrations and gatherings, opening the Christmas gifts, and more than that, the enthusiasm for starting a new year full of success, makes us enjoy our time, planning for a holiday, and spending all of our money! A short walk in the city centre these days probably reveals the financial state of the citizens after the new year’s holidays.

Unfortunately, many people do not have the facility of making a new start. Many could not celebrate Christmas with their family; many even did not have a shelter to dwell during Christmas. Maybe the new year can be more than just a starting point in our own lives and careers, but a starting point for the help and support that we provide for others. What can we do about those who rely on the supports that the community provides for them?

There are more than a unique way to help; we can help financially, emotionally, through voluntary or paid work, directly or indirectly, in person, by phone, and so on; we may aim to help humans, animals, or the environment. Once we decide to help, we will find our path. Even a tranquil evening in front of the TV can give us many ideas. Lots of ads regarding humanitarian works are broadcast every day; ads like supporting homeless young people, which is more crucial during the winter, or about the work of UNICEF in the humanitarian crisis of Yemen, or domestic abuse and the mental health challenges to which children are facing, or animal cruelty and many other calls for help. Maybe we can respond to one of them or spare a bit of our time each week to help as a volunteer; for example, in Citizen Advice, Red Cross, Macmillan, Foodbank, our local church or one of the many other organizations.

The new year can always be a starting point not because something special happens there, more because we set our minds on finding an excuse to delay our works. But still, it might be used for good. It can be rather an excuse to involve in some supporting activities. And if you think it is too late for planning for our new year's aims just because it is the 12th of January, do not worry; Eastern Orthodox Church new year is coming (14th of January); then Chinese New Year (1st of February), then Tibetan new year (3rd March), then Iranian new year (20th of March), then Hindu new year (22nd of March), then Sri Lankan new year (13th of April), then Ethiopian new year (12th of September), then Islamic New Year (22nd of September), then ... I think I made my point. Any occasion can be an opportunity to start a new well; more than that, no special occasion is required to start. Every day is the start of the rest of our life; and an opportunity to make a change in the world around us. Changes that start from us; emerge in our plans and influence others, hopefully for good.

Talking about changing ourselves is easy, but each of these inner changes can be a journey from some old habits to a new way in our lives. It would be a spiritual battle needing spiritual help and support. The following link guides us to the "Role of Life" page, developed to provide spiritual supports for those willing to start and carry on their inner journey. It may help us find our inner peace and then share our blessings with others. The starting point, of course, can be the next new year’s day; just choose the calendar.         


God bless you



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