A resilient and hopeful people…


As we live and work in a city under increased restrictions Dean Sue reflects on what it is like to be resilient and hopeful people. We also have recorded messages for the city from the Dean with Steve Rotheram MP and Dame Janet Beer.

It is now over six months since we went into the first lockdown. It was a strange experience as we quickly had to adjust to working from home, to only going out for our essential needs, and to waving at people from a distance. We had to learn how to communicate electronically and how to socialise through Zoom or Microsoft teams. Then came the summer when we had the freedom to meet people on our patios, in our gardens, in the park and eventually in pubs and restaurants.

Now as we approach winter we are being asked to go in reverse, to cut our social time in pubs, not to meet people in gardens and on patios, to keep to the rule of six, and obey local lockdown rules. It is all deeply frustrating, but to keep each other safe we need to take care not to spread the virus. We need to wear masks to keep the other person safe and we need to hunker down and hibernate like the animals for the winter.

As Liverpool Cathedral and as people of faith we are resilient and we believe in hope: hope that good will come from this crisis, hope that we will look out for each other and hope that we will continue to be a caring society. Every day here in Liverpool Cathedral we pray for the city, for all who have difficult decisions to make, and for each of you. Most of all we pray for new life and new birth as we look towards the spring.

Autumn and winter are times when nature dies back and rests dormant in readiness for the new life we see in the spring and summer. Bulbs and seeds as they rest in the dark wet soil are getting ready for the spring. So we, too over these next few months need to rest and wait in the darkness of winter so that we can come out from Covid 19 and these new restriction as renewed and hopeful people.

We at Liverpool Cathedral are a resilient and hopeful people. So, as we approach this time of restrictions and darkness, we offer you hope through the gift of music and prayer, knowing that God is with us and guiding us in the darkness and in the light.

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