A supper club challenge


Our four talented chefs in the Welsford restaurant are being given the chance to flex their culinary muscles over the summer. Each Summer Supper Club which opens its doors on July 24th will feature a unique menu from one of our chefs.

Our chefs will draw on their own culinary heritage and giving them a chance to feature their signature dishes.

Catering Manager Neil Blackhurst said “Over eight Friday nights customers will have the opportunity to try something different from one of our chefs. I threw out the challenge - devise a menu within a budget, present it and lead the kitchen for the night. It’s a challenge the chefs have relished and risen to. I’ve seen the menus and am looking forward to the results.”

Traditionally it’s the Head Chef who devises the menu and the others fall in line but the Welsford Restaurant has developed a tradition of sharing ideas and talent when it comes to deciding how its menus are constructed.

“I’m well impressed with the menus” says Neil “there’s been some great friendly rivalry between the chefs in putting this together and each menu has given a real insight into what inspires each of the team. What’s more, the chef who put the menu together will be in charge of the kitchen that evening – so it’s a great challenging responsibility for them all.”

The club is one of many ways in which the cathedral is aiming to become a catering destination. Over Light Night we had a BBQ on the patio and are looking to repeat that throughout the supper. And as Neil says we have one of the best restaurant views in the city. “Sitting on our patio looking over st James Gardens and the Georgian splendour of Hope Street has got to be one of the best ways to eat out”

About the Supper Club

You can be part of the club by simply booking a table and coming along. Each 3 course meal is priced at £25 per head and your evening will start for drinks. Book twice and you’ll get a free bottle of wine for the table, for three bookings we’ll make that a bottle of Prosecco and come a fourth time and that will be some complimentary champagne. Bookings can be made to the Welsford Restaurant on 0151 702 7251 or couture@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk

Supper Club runs over 8 Friday  Nights from July 24th.

See our individual web entries for the tempting menus