A vibrant celebration of music, art and colour


The church led the city in an amazing celebration of Pentecost on Sunday. The Pentecost Pageant evolved from the traditional two cathedral’s walk of witness that has happened every two years since 1985.

Samba bands, the Liverpool Welsh Choral, stilt performers, dancers and creations from the Liverpool Lantern Company filled the length of the street producing an atmospheric journey for the audience – including performances which allowed the crowds to reflect on momentous moments in people’s lives such as marriage and birth. Later on in the journey the music soundtrack provided a celebratory carnival atmosphere.

Director of Culture Claire McColgan, said: “We made a commitment to support events which showcase the different sides of the city – whether that’s in terms of a story that’s there to be told, or the location in which it will unfold.  Pentecost achieves just that – a street of hope which is bookended by two inspirational cathedrals creates a magnificent canvas on which a truly international story of hope can unfold.

“By programming a whole host of activities, it is a real opportunity to enhance the already popular ‘cathedrals walk’, which will attract more people and shine a spotlight on what is a fascinating and culturally overflowing area of the city.”

Matthew Linley, CEO and Artistic Director of Unity Theatre and Creative Director for the event, said: ‘Pentecost is a fantastic opportunity for Hope Street to work with the Cathedrals and the Free Churches to bring the area alive and showcase what can be achieved here.  We hope this is the first of many such events.’

The Bishop of Liverpool, The Right Reverend Paul Bayes, said: “Hope is always something to be celebrated and for the church a great outpouring of God’s grace and hope came at the festival we call Pentecost. This hope is for all and how better to mark this than with a vibrant celebration of music, art and colour on one of my favourite streets in this great city.

“I am delighted the city has embraced this desire to celebrate and I invite everyone to join in for a lively afternoon on this famous street.”

The Archbishop of Liverpool Most Reverend Malcolm McMahon, said: ‘The Feast of Pentecost is recognised as the birthday of the Church so it is fitting that so many from our city and region can come together to celebrate with music and worship. 

“Our celebrations take place in our Cathedrals joined by a street called Hope, what better symbol of unity for our Churches and for those who will rejoice with us.’