Being Human, latest exhibition by Peter Walker to open this month


Being Human, latest exhibition by Peter Walker to open this month - Open to Visitors from 27 July - 30 August -

A new exhibition, which is made up of four installations by acclaimed sculptor and artist, Peter Walker, is set to be unveiled later this month. ‘Being Human’ launches on 27 July and runs until 30 August. The exhibition is free to attend during our visiting opening hours.

As part of a two-year programme of events, exhibitions and artworks leading up to our building’s 100th anniversary, which falls in 2024, the latest collaboration between Liverpool Cathedral and the renowned artist, explores what it means to be human.

At the heart of the exhibition will be a sculpture entitled Connection, inspired by Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’. A contemporary twist on the Renaissance masterpiece, which depicts God’s hand reaching out to meet Adam’s finger, the striking installation features two giant hands, each standing at two metres tall and equivalent in height to an average front door.

Being Human’ aims to encourage visitors to reflect on who they are as individuals, what makes us unique as human beings and how we connect with others in a changing world, as they journey through the four artworks: Connection, Reflection, Identity and Creativity.

The exhibition promises to be just as awe-inspiring as the talented artist’s previous works at the Cathedral including ‘Peace Doves’, a mass participation art installation featuring around 18,000 paper doves suspended from the roof of the magnificent building.

Earlier this year, working as one half of the artistic duo, Luxmuralis, he amazed visitors by flooding our great space with the wonders of the universe in a dazzling display of projections, lights and sounds as part of an immersive art installation, ‘Space, The Universe and Everything’.

Speaking on his next collaboration with the Cathedral, artist and sculptor, Peter Walker, said: “It’s a huge honour to be working with the team at Liverpool Cathedral once again. As the largest cathedral in the UK and one of the biggest in the world, the vast space within the iconic building provides the perfect setting for an exhibition that explores what it means to be human.
“Bringing together sculpture, created using traditional techniques, with interactive art installations, ‘Being Human’ will fascinate visitors of all ages across many different levels and I can’t wait to unveil the exhibition later this month.”
Dean Sue said: “We’re really looking forward to welcoming Peter back to Liverpool Cathedral. ‘Being Human’ looks set to be one of his most thought-provoking pieces yet and I’m sure the exhibition will inspire visitors to contemplate just how remarkable we are as human beings.
“Our connection with others is more important than ever, particularly after so many of us experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness during the pandemic when families, friends and communities were kept apart for so long. I would like to encourage visitors from all walks of life to visit the exhibition and use the experience to reflect upon what makes us human, the value of our relationships and how we feel when we’re separated from others.”