Cathedral Chronicles is a must read for any supporter of Liverpool Cathedral


Liverpool Cathedral is excited today to announce the launch of ‘Cathedral Chronicles’, a brand new book written by Roy Redman, Head Guide at the cathedral.

The book documents the period of time from when the See of Liverpool was created to when the building of the Cathedral was formally completed.

Containing a variety of interesting facts, figures, events and anecdotes, the book chronicles the years from 1878 to 1978. Hidden gems such as never before seen documents and photographs that have been uncovered from within the cathedral archives make this book a must read for any connoisseur of Liverpool Cathedral’s illustrious history.

Author Roy Redman has been Head Guide at the Cathedral since 2009. His passion for the history of this great space is infectious; Roy said “It is a great privilege and honour to work here.” Explaining what inspired him to put pen to paper and start working on this book he continued:

 “There are a number of excellent histories of the Cathedral but I felt there was a niche for a book that placed in chronological order events, major and minor that occurred over the period. I also wanted to include the names of the men and women who have left their footprint on the Cathedral's history. Whether they be Royalty, Archbishops, Bishops, Deans or Stonemasons, Labourers, Embroiderers, the lady who cleaned the Dean's office and the lady who made the tea after morning service.”

 “The main source for the book was the Cathedral Committee minutes. From these I extended the research to published cathedral histories, family histories, works on the history of Liverpool, documents held in the cathedral archives, and Cathedral Company anecdotes.”

The pages are beautifully punctuated with quality images of documents and photographs that capture the reader’s attention.

Roy said “The photographs published include a number not previously seen, which was my aim. These were taken from the archives and a number of photographs taken recently. Again to show people who worked either on the Cathedral or in the Cathedral.”

Reflecting on the contents of the book further, Roy speaks of the period of time that most captivated him during his research;

“The historical period which fascinates me most is the early period of the building of the Cathedral, when a number of influential people of Liverpool were inspired by Bishop Chavasse to give their time and effort, and finance of course, into the project.”

Kevin Stott, Retail Manager at Liverpool Cathedral said “The book has arrived from the printers today and looks splendid. All our colleagues at the cathedral join me in congratulating Roy, on what is a superb piece of work that we can all enjoy.”

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