Cathedral to offer Light of Hope on November 1st


We will join other cathedrals across the country in sharing a Light of Hope on November 1st. This will illuminate the night sky with beams of light as a symbol of hope for all those around them as part of a nationwide art installation.

We will be joining Chelmsford, Ely, Exeter, Salisbury, Lichfield Cathedral by projecting beams of light into the night sky through the evening of November 1, while Ely and Lichfield will also create Cross, a light installation in the shape of a cross inside their buildings. 

Our Light of Hope will be at the Rankin Porch and able to be viewed from Queen's Walk.

The project, Light of Hope 2020 has been created by Peter Walker, the artist in residence and creative director at Lichfield Cathedral to mark the significance of All Saints Day and All Souls Day - two important days in the Christian calendar which have particular relevance this year in the wake of the pandemic. All Saints Day on November 1 traditionally celebrates saints throughout the ages who have been a beacon of light to others and offers us an opportunity to reflect on how we might be a light in the world today. All Souls Day (November 2) is a time to remember and give thanks for those who have died and remember their lives with love.

Peter first produced this digital art installation for Lichfield Cathedral in 2018 and 2019 when three beams of blue light pierced the skies above the Cathedral and could be seen for miles around. He wanted other churches and cathedrals to join in and become beacons for all around them, offering a collective moment for people to be part of, but from a safe distance.  

Petr Walker said, “Light of Hope is an opportunity for a moment of togetherness; even though we can’t be together right now. It offers us the opportunity to collectively remember those who have helped and given so much during this past year, as well as commemorating those we have lost and thinking of those we hold dear.” 

Dean Sue added "Liverpool needs hope. It needs the hope that the cathedral can offer as a safe space for prayer and reflection and it needs the hope we can offer through this light. Christians have used light to symbolise the hope we have in Jesus. I am sure people would like to observe this beacon from a safe social distance reflecting on what gives them hope at this time.

The Light of Hope project is supported by The Arts Council England and includes an arts engagement project for schoolchildren to join in and create their own “light of hope” artwork.

Take part by making your own Jar Lantern

You can take part by making a jar lantern and sharing your pictures on social media, The decorated jar can be displayed at home in windows to mark All Saints Day on November 1st, as we remember people whose lives have shone brightly with love, and All Souls Day on November 2nd as we remember our own loved ones who have died. The lantern can go on shining throughout Advent as we prepare for the birth of Jesus, light of the world.

Here's what you need

  • An empty clean jar
  • Tissue paper
  • PVA glue
  • Paint or permanent pens for decorating
  • Tea light (battery powered LED)

Step One
Cut out shapes from the tissue paper and stick to the outside of the empty jar. The design can be simple or ellaborate! Make sure only the outside of the jar is decorated!

Step two
Once the glue is dry, the outside of the jar could be further decorated with words of hope, thoughts or prayers using paint or permanent pens.

Step three
Display the finished lantern at home throughout Advent! Please note we're recommending electric  tealights not naked flames.

Please share a photo of your lantern via #LightOfHope and tag Liverpool Cathedral in your post

Join us for a Special Memories Service 
Sunday 1st November 2020 3pm

A service of prayers, music, readings, candlelight and reflection to help us remember in different ways. Remember those who have lost lives during the pandemic and continue to do so; and also remember and give thanks for all that people have done and are doing to support and help others in these challenging times.  There will be an opportunity to light candles before and during the service. Please book on our Eventbrite page