Celebration as member of Cathedral’s congregation reaches milestone 105th birthday


Gwen Myerscough was born on 6th April 1914 and has worshipped regularly at the Cathedral for sixty seven years, since her son Fred joined the choir probationers in 1952.

As part of the celebrations for reaching her milestone 105th birthday, Gwen has been celebrating with a weekend of treats with a trip to Ffestiniog railway from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog enjoying a cream tea and a lesson on train driving, a theatre trip, a birthday card from the Queen and a party with friends and neighbours. On Sunday 7th April Gwen was presented with her sixth brick in our Peoples Path by Dean Sue and Vice Dean Myles.

Revd Canon Myles said “All of us at the Cathedral were delighted to be part of the celebrations for Gwen Myerscough’s 105th birthday last weekend. Peter Woods, the High Sheriff of Merseyside, was among her many friends enjoyed congratulating her over coffee and cake which followed the Sunday Service, and Dean Sue was pleased to present her with a brick for the People’s Path which will commemorate this happy anniversary.  Congratulations to Gwen from us all!”

Gwen said: “I have seen many changes at the cathedral and met all of the eight Deans. I have seen the building grow as the temporary walls have been moved. I have attended some great and happy occasions like when the Royals or the Pope have visited this great place. I loved the music and seeing my son Fred singing in the choir. I felt very honoured to receive the Maundy money from the Queen on my ninetieth birthday. I particularly enjoyed the Christmas carols when some of the choir soloists would be out of sight on the galleries singing ''Past three o'clock'' it was great. The boys also played handbells before the service. I helped out at the Sunday school for many years and took delight in the children's learning. I looked forward to the yearly Choristers Guild concert at Radiant House in Bold St. The standard of music and other entertainment was very good indeed. I do like Myles's preaching. His sermons are great! I would like to thank Dean Sue and Myles for coming to my special birthday Lunch.”

Gwen’s son Fred added: “Mum now has six bricks to mark her significant birthdays. At this rate I think she will complete the people's path on her own!!  I know in the past Mum has been called '’the Cross Guild Mother’ as she has been a presence in the cathedral for so many years.”

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