Congratulations - Blog by Dean Sue


This time of year for many young people is a time of joy and celebration as many students graduate after three or four years of hard work. In the Cathedral, we have two weeks of graduations as those from last year and this year celebrate with family and friends their achievements.


For many of these students, it will have been a very strange few years as they will have come to Liverpool John Moores University and to Liverpool City during the COVID years. Their student days will have been, to a certain extent, muted by lockdown and by working from home. Despite these restrictions, many will have made friends that will last through their adult life. Many will have begun to build the foundations for their career. Many will have had an experience of living away from home for the first time, so there is much to celebrate.


When I finished college after a four-year Bachelor of Education Degree I remember my graduation as bitter-sweet. Yes, I was celebrating the achievement of gaining a degree, but I was also saying goodbye to a way of life and to some good friends. Inevitably as we move forward in our lives there are times to celebrate and times to mourn, but this week and next week let us remember to celebrate with these young people. Let us pray for them and let us also give thanks for the dedication of many lecturers who have given of their knowledge to enable and foster the minds of young people.


Education and learning is so important for our society and as a Cathedral Company we celebrate with the young people from across the city region whether they are or will be graduating from four of our great universities; Liverpool John Moores, Liverpool University, Hope University and Edge Hill University.


Dean Sue