Easter Day - Reflection by Canon Leslie

Canon Leslie Blog Cartoon of a bear running up a path with children

Today is Easter Sunday, the day of resurrection 

Christ is risen! 

Christ is risen, indeed, alleluia. 

The Gospel reading for today is Luke’s account of how the women (including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James) came to the tomb on the first Easter morning.  They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they went in, they did not find the body.  Then the two men in dazzling clothes spell out the implications of the empty tomb: ‘He is not here, but has risen.’  The empty tomb points to the Easter message of new life. 


For those of you who wanted to do some thinking and preparation for today’s service during the preceding week, I invited reflection on the image of the Easter Bunny. In today’s picture from his book, The Sunny Morning, Teddy Horsley runs after the rabbits hopping on the path, as he makes his way to the Easter Sunday service in his local church.  


Lord Jesus Christ, 

you are risen from the tomb, alleluia, alleluia! 

Bring us to share the new life of your Easter resurrection, 

that we may live with you for ever; 

for you are risen from the tomb, alleluia, alleluia! 



Next week, the Second Sunday of Easter, the Gospel reading is John’s account of Jesus’ coming and standing among his disciples on the evening of Easter Day. The image to help us for next week’s theme is hearing. You can find out more about that theme here https://www.prayerforliverpool.org/prayer-resources.html. We would really appreciate you letting us know how you are using these materials.