Exploring the Sunday Gospel -Sixth Sunday of Easter


Today is the Sixth Sunday of Easter. The reading from John’s Gospel is part of the Farewell Discourse over Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. When Jesus is preparing his disciples for their ongoing life in the world after he has been taken from them, he promises them that the Father will give another Paraclete to be with them for ever.  This word Paraclete is peculiar to the Johannine literature.  The usual translation ‘Advocate’ refers to someone who argues our case on our behalf.  Literally the word means ‘someone called to our side’. In some senses the Paraclete is our guide.


For those of you who wanted to do some thinking and preparation for today’s service during the preceding week, I invited reflection on the image of the guide. In today’s picture from her book, Neighbours, Betsy Bear is talking with her friend riding on the bus with her guide dog.


Risen Lord Jesus,

you promised the Spirit of truth

to those who keep your commandments.

Send your Holy Spirit to guide us,

that we may walk in your way of truth;

now and always.



Next Sunday is the Seventh Sunday of Easter and the Sunday after Ascension Day when the Gospel reading is from the Farewell Discourse over Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. The image to help prepare for the theme of Jesus’ Ascension is Royal crowns. You can find out more about that theme by looking at the Educational Resources and the Preparation Resources.


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