Happy National Sandwich Month!

Welsford Bistro's ham and cheese ciabatta

Did you know August was National Sandwich month?

Its true, August is National Sandwich month and our independent restaurant The Welsford Bistro has a range of delicious sandwiches from Salt and Pepper Chicken to a vegan Falafel, Guacamole and Red Onion.

A whole month dedicated to sandwiches gives you the perfect reason to treat yourself and enjoy this all different kinds of sandwiches all month long!  So why not celebrate this month with us? 

Take a wander around our incredible building or build up your appetite by taking the 108 steps needed to do our Cathedral Tower Experience. Then refuel in our Welsford Bistro with one of our sandwiches all served on toasted ciabatta with a house salad:

  • Salt and Pepper Chicken
  • Salt and Pepper Halloumi (v)
  • Falafel, Guacamole and Red Onion (vv)

  • Tuna Melt
  • Ham and Cheddar
  • Peppered Beef with Mustard Mayo, Gherkin and Cheese

All though we will let you off if you fancy something else from our varied menu...

We look forward to welcoming you all this month !