Harvest Festival at Liverpool Cathedral is a time to help replenish stocks at Micah Liverpool


On Sunday 22nd September at our 10.30am Choral Eucharist Service, we’ll be celebrating Harvest Festival. We are asking for donations for Micah Liverpool

On Sunday 22nd September at our 10.30am Choral Eucharist Service, we’ll be celebrating Harvest Festival. We are asking for donations for Micah Liverpool. Its Executive Director, Paul O’Brien, explains why: “Any time is a good time to donate but harvest comes at a very helpful time of year for us as our stocks are heavily depleted by the school holidays. This year we’re particularly low on essentials - tinned fish, UHT milk, rice, tinned tomatoes - as we opened an additional food bank pantry session on a Friday in Kirkdale.

“Our partner, Nugent Care told us that the families we were supporting at the community market needed additional support over the school holidays. We gave 1189 food parcels during this time.”

People are encouraged to donate on an ongoing basis and the donation point in Liverpool Cathedral is always available and emptied regularly so people can freely donate food.

Paul also told us more about the charity’s background: “Micah Liverpool really established itself as a leading social justice charity in 2018 across the Liverpool City Region. We’d already built a good reputation for employability support and emergency food aid independently before Micah Liverpool was created in 2017.

“Since merging the activity and introducing Micah Liverpool community markets Micah Liverpool has become a social justice charity that provides initial short-term support to people in poverty through foodbanks; longer-term support through the volunteer programme and provides a proactive preventative measure through Micah Liverpool community markets.”

“Throughout 2018, we’ve been increasing our food aid activity through community markets as well as our two established foodbank pantry sessions. This saw an extra 282 parcels given in the previous year. Last year our service improved as our relationships with Trussell Trust and ‘FareShare’ deepened and we added food donors such as Junk Food Network and Fans Supporting Foodbanks amongst others.

“In the Micah Liverpool food parcel, as well as the usual tinned and dried goods people receive five fresh portions of fruit and five fresh portions of vegetables plus one litre of milk. Every first-time user of the food bank receives a toiletry pack that includes a toothbrush. We have adapted our voucher to assess if sanitary products are needed as well as adding a section for nappies. We cater our food parcels for specific cultural needs, for example, non-Halal, Halal and/or vegetarian to provide food and goods that support individual and family needs.”

All food or financial donations are welcome. Thank you to all Micah Liverpool supporters. If you need more information about how to donate, please click here

Micah Liverpool has been set up by Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and St Bride’s and helps people out of poverty. Find out more here