Here we go again (ish) - Reflection by Canon Bob


Read Canon Bob's reflection for Tuesday, October 6th, 2020.

As I write this Liverpool and a great part of the Diocese are about to go have tougher lockdown measures imposed upon us and having lived through the last six months it all feels a bit depressing. Just as we were making plans both within families and here at the Cathedral as to how we can begin to return to some kind of normality it feels like we are close to being back to square one. It is of course OK to feel down and for some a little isolated so if you need a chat or a moan there are plenty of us here offering a listening ear.

There have been, however, a few green shoots recently which suggests to me that there are reasons for hope despite the latest news. Gathering for worship both in the Cathedral and at St Margaret’s albeit in a socially distanced way has been very moving, enhanced in both places by excellent singing by Cantors. Recently hearing the choir boys and girls practising in the Lady Chapel has lifted the heart. No fewer than 36 candidates were ordained as Priests and Deacons over the weekend of the 25th – 27th. September brilliantly orchestrated by Canon Myles thereby giving hope to the life of the Diocese and beyond.

Seeing young people return to Liverpool as students and listening to children in the playgrounds all around the city while bringing with them inherent dangers also suggests that we have moved on from last March.

One of the consequences of the blogs I have been inflicting upon you is that I am quite often greeted with questions about my family (as well as sympathy about my choice of football team!). We spent a week in Whitby with our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren while Mark (our son who some of you know) and Hannah are expecting their second child NOW!

New life, renewed hope. 

Canon Bob

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