Hope+ mark 3rd birthday by asking you to give hope during Lent


Hope+ will mark its 3rd birthday on the 14th of February this year. They have now provided over 25,000 hampers of food to those in need of it in the last three years, and that number is only expected to grow

Nadine Daniel, Hope+ Project Manager said, “I’m still surprised that my job has grown rather than diminished, despite the ‘good news’ about the economy. We are still seeing rising numbers that need our help.”

As the 3rd birthday milestone was hit only four days after the beginning of Lent, the opportunity to engage once again in the Church of England’s national ‘WashDay’ challenge has arisen.

The tradition during Lent in years gone by has been to give something up as a self-sacrifice. Hope+ are asking you to turn this tradition on its head and are asking you to give rather than ‘give up’. You can give the gift of Hope to people right here in our city by giving generously to Hope+ during Lent.

WashDay, involves washing things for our neighbours in emulation of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples on Maundy Thursday. Hope+ wants to provide every guest that visits with the supplies needed to wash themselves and their clothing.  

Nadine said “The idea is simply to enable us to provide every one of our guests with the means to keep themselves and their clothes clean, using the example Jesus set in washing the feet of the disciples.”

Each wash bag will contain basic items for personal hygiene which include the likes of soap and toothpaste, but also importantly, items to wash clothes. Men will receive razors and shaving cream in their bag and the women’s bag will contain sanitary wear.

“We want to empower our guests by equipping them with these essentials” Nadine continues. “Often when people have little or no money they struggle to buy what most would regard as staple items for personal hygiene, such as toothpaste or shampoo. Items that will help contribute to a person regaining their dignity and self-respect.”

Nadine added “we could not have reached our 3rd birthday without the support of our volunteers and donators whose generosity constantly astounds me. For all your help and support, from all of us at Hope+, thank you!”

To make a donation contact 0151 702 7237 or email: foodbank@liverpoolcathedral.org.uk