Hope, resurrection, vaccine - Reflection by Canon Saro


Read Canon Saro's reflection for Thursday, 18 March 2021.

The nice weather of the past couple of weeks brought many people out of their homes. Maybe, the boring lockdown has been lasting too long. Dealing with nagging children and annoying spouse is not everyone's cup of tea. However, it seems that one long year of endeavor and sacrifice eventually is going to pay back. Talking of sacrifice, it was a bit different from the historic ways mainly associated with torture and blood-shedding. Staying at home, working in pajamas, online shopping, gardening, and family feud are some of our new forms of the sacrifice of which we are proud and bored.    

It is the Lent season. In less than two weeks, we would pay tribute to the triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem like what the people of Jerusalem did at the time. Howbeit, in less than one week, all of that eagerness and tumult vanished, and Jesus ended up on the cross. That was not a very warm welcome although, all of it meant to happen as a part of the divine plan of salvation, the ultimate sacrifice. Even if our offering is nothing compared to Jesus's one, still giving up on our routine life and making restrictions is not that easy, especially unwillingly. Confusion over the approaches plus financial difficulties makes the situation much harder. Many people have lost their loved ones. Many others are still suffering from the long-term effects of the disease.

Maybe at the time, many of us wondered if there is any hope. And suddenly, an amazing thing happened; a light in the darkness, new medical development, and vaccine. Probably "suddenly" is not a very welcomed word for the scientists who persevered months with research and experiment. But anyway, from our point of view, a sudden light brightened our perspective. 

In physics, a dark area is an area with limited light sources. In other words, there is no darkness. It is just the absence of light. I think it is the same for our hopes and disappointments; when we forget about our aspirations, fears come through. Upcoming Easter to me is a special one; the resurrection of a crucified man in the middle of shock and disappointment of his friends and family was in-fact the fulfillment of his mission and the start of a new era in history. People did not understand what was going on until Jesus came back like a light in the darkness. Our limited knowledge usually deceives us. Usually, we do not have the complete picture; therefore, we decide what is right and what is wrong until our mind's dark corners are enlightened sometimes by experience, sometimes through science, the wisdom of years, or maybe a divine plan.   

Post corona time is a new era in humans' modern history, an age at which our insight regarding the world, nature, and human changes. This disease reveals lots of our weaknesses and lots of disproportions in our societies. It probably burst lots of bubbles in our minds and creates a new perspective; of course, for those who perceive not just see.

Canon Saro

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