Liverpool Cathedral News | Sunday 18th June


We are heading into another busy week of worship and events. Take a look at what is going on and learn more about how you can join us.

"A very warm welcome to this week’s newsletter. After all the excitement of Debs’ ordination as priest, we now begin the long haul through the Sundays after Trinity until Advent Sunday. 

These Sundays give us the opportunity to look at the Gospel of Matthew in more detail. Today we are exploring the call of the final disciples and we hear the names of all twelve disciples for the first time. 

The call of God is a powerful call and each of us will have been called by God as disciples. To learn more about this week’s Gospel reading, click here.

To prepare for next week’s worship, click here."

Dean Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool


Worship at Liverpool Cathedral

All are welcome to join us for our regular worship services, here at Liverpool Cathedral. You can find more information about our upcoming services here.


Upcoming Events

Not only is our cathedral a place of worship, but our calendar is also filled with exciting events that you can get involved with. Information about these can be found below:

Further information about Liverpool Cathedral, including useful details about planning your next visit can be found on our website.

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