Liverpool Cathedral News | Sunday 9th July


We are heading into another busy week of worship and events. Take a look at what is going on and learn more about how you can join us.

"A very warm welcome to this week’s newsletter. It is with great pleasure that on Sunday we welcome Liz Shields to the ministry team of the Cathedral. Liz has been part of our community in one way or another since COVID times. Liz has transferred her Reader licence to the Cathedral, and we look forward to working with her even more closely. Liz has many gifts including crafting and has been involved in the Cathedral's Prayer Shawl ministry since its inception. She has also led Bible studies and is at present working with Canon Neal and Dr Sally Harper to develop the ministry of prayer and spirituality in this place. 

Liz is a keen advocate of the “Preparing the Sunday Gospel Material.” This week we have been encouraged to reflect on children’s games to help us think about the message of Jesus as he reflects on the image of children in the market-place. To learn more about this week’s Gospel reading, click here

To prepare for next week’s worship please click here"

Dean Sue Jones, Dean of Liverpool


Worship at Liverpool Cathedral

All are welcome to join us for our regular worship services, here at Liverpool Cathedral. You can find more information about our upcoming services here.


Upcoming Events

Not only is our cathedral a place of worship, but our calendar is also filled with exciting events that you can get involved with. Information about these can be found below:

Further information about Liverpool Cathedral, including useful details about planning your next visit can be found on our website.

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