Liverpool Cathedral removes netting from front entrance

Image of the Cathedral taken outside

Following consultation with conservation experts, the Chapter of Liverpool Cathedral has removed the netting from the front of Liverpool Cathedral. Liverpool Cathedral is now working with experts from the Christian environmental charity A Rocha UK on how we can manage the myriad challenges of providing a welcoming environment and home for our pair of falcons whilst safely maintaining our Grade 1 listed building and all the activities we provide for the community.

The cathedral intends to work with A Rocha UK and local Peregrine groups to find ways to successfully provide a safe habitat for these birds and enable the public to enjoy their presence alongside being able to provide a great welcoming environment for visitors.

A spokesperson for Liverpool Cathedral said “We are sorry for the anxiety that the netting caused. Having listened to the depth of feeling and the strength of the scientific advice and realise that this was not an appropriate course of action. We are determined to work alongside those who can help us with a plan to manage our complicated needs. We believe we have a way forward that will see the cathedral community and our many visitors being able to enjoy the presence of our peregrine falcons over the coming months and years.”
Andy Lester, Head of Conservation for A Rocha UK said "we are pleased to hear the netting has been taken down at the Cathedral and very much look forwards to working with the team over the next months.  It is amazing that peregrine have chosen to breed at Liverpool Cathedral and we see this as an incredible opportunity to bring together nature, community and congregation."