Liverpool Cathedral to host largest installation yet!


We’re pleased to announce that Identity, a new installation from artist Peter Walker, will arrive at Liverpool Cathedral July 28th.

Peter Walker presents the third installation of his Liverpool Cathedral series, ‘IDENTITY – We Are All Together’. Following the success of both ‘Peace Doves’ and ‘Being Human’, this final chapter in the story explores the concept of identity and how we are all connected.  

Liverpool Cathedral’s largest installation to date, sculpted inside the building, ‘Identity’ introduces seven illuminated columns, suspended over the Well. Each column is lit, with individual strips of light representing the double helix of DNA and demonstrating the unique make up of each person. Together, the seven columns represent our distinct differences, gathered in union.    

The number seven is significant for its poignant links, including the seven pillars of wisdom and the seven ages of man, as well as a number with striking biblical meaning, denoting fullness and completion.   

Identity’s visual impact is supported by its ability to change colour throughout its stay at the Cathedral, powerfully representing symbols of various communities and our shared values as well as individuality, including our ethnicity, gender and sexuality.   

The columns are wrapped in over 3000 individual portraits, all photographed as part of Peter Walker’s 2022 installation ‘Being Human’, presented together as a collective. Whilst the reference to DNA demonstrates the uniqueness of us all, the inclusion of local people and previous visitors honours Liverpool Cathedral’s motto of being ‘Built by the people; for the people; to the Glory of God’.