Museum of the Moon draws huge crowds to Liverpool Cathedral


We’d like to thank the 60,254 visitors who came to visit the moon over the last week. For the hundreds of Instagram pictures, tweets, Facebook shares and the many, many folk who held the moon in their hands for a brief moment.

Visitors from across the region and beyond have been marvelling at Luke Jerram’s fabulous Museum of the Moon which landed in Liverpool Cathedral last week. Young and old have been admiring the moonscape and social media has been alive with moon pictures taken from every angle.

Popular pictures have included every variety of holding the moon you can think of alongside creative pictures of visitors appearing to walk on the surface. We have also welcomed a couple of astronaut visitors. Along with a moon inspired programme of talks, music, storytelling and even yoga, the moon’s appearance also prompted a host of questions about our place in God’s creation. Visitors were able to engage with a special moon prayer walk which helped people reflect on its significance in creation.

Visitors who flocked to the moon also enjoyed exploring the rest of our cathedral. We have reported record figures for our tower attraction with hundreds taking the opportunity to sample the best city views. Our shop and catering teams have also seen brisk business while the moon was with us.

Luke Jerram’s installation, Museum of the Moon, fuses lunar imagery and moonlight with a surround-soundscape by BAFTA and Ivor Novello award-winning composer Dan Jones. The artwork was here as part of events around the Culture Liverpool 2018 celebratory Changing Tides programme brought to us by Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Region, Arts Council England and the Mayor of Liverpool

The Dean of Liverpool, the Very Revd Dr Sue Jones said “having the moon join us in the cathedral not long after I arrived has been a wonderful way to start my time here. It has shown me how we really are a place for the city to come together and experience something truly outstanding. I have witnessed the awe of so many looking at this wonderful installation within our magnificent building. It’s been brilliant.

The moon clearly fascinates people and I am thrilled with the impact it has had and the profound questions it asks about our role in God’s world.


It’s been a tremendous effort from all involved and I would like to thank Liverpool City Region, Arts Council England and the Mayor of Liverpool, Liverpool City Stars, our staff and volunteers and above all the many thousands who have come from far and wide to be part of the Museum of the Moon.”


Luke Jerram, the artists behind the Museum of the Moon said " Its been a great pleasure to present the Museum of the Moon in Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral. It was such a stunning location for my artwork. From quartets performing, theatre and even yoga sessions taking place beneath the moon,  its been fun watching the different ways the artwork has been animated by these performers and the public"

Thankyou Liverpool for your warm lunar welcome. "

The moon may have gone, but join us on Saturday June 2nd for the Summer Arts Market