'Painting has always been my means to engage with the Divine'


Stations of the Resurrection by artist Rob Floyd will be displayed in the cathedral from 28th March to 15th May.

The exhibition, commissioned by Liverpool Cathedral, is a continuation of the widely acclaimed ‘Stations of the Cross’ cycle created for Manchester Cathedral. We spoke to Rob ahead the exhibition, he said “The Stations of the Resurrection is far less well known or, indeed, established than the Stations of the Cross, perhaps this extra layer of mystery appealed. Certainly Liverpool Cathedral being the Cathedral Church of the Risen Christ made the idea of the project feel right.”

The impressive art series has been created with the artist’s preferred medium, oil on canvas. Rob said “For me oil paint has a visceral, living, even mystical property which I feel has an incredible power and, indeed, life of its own.”

Of the subject matter, Rob continues “Painting has always been my means with which to attempt to engage with the Divine. From as early as I can remember I have always felt that the world is inherently full of meaning and I’m thankful that I have never been touched with that modern 'existential angst' of being all alone in a meaningless universe. Having the opportunity to directly engage in producing a Stations of the Cross cycle and now the Stations of the Resurrection has been an incredible opportunity and an amazing journey, both in terms of my artistic and spiritual development. I have been shown great kindness and support from the cathedral which has been quite overwhelming.”