Peregrine Falcons at Liverpool Cathedral

White and Brown Eagle, photo by Co Sch from Pexels

We have evidence that both the falcons are still around and very active and have photographic evidence that they have returned to a part of the cathedral they used to nest in and there is an egg at that nest
We appreciate people’s concerns and have to be clear that we want the peregrines to thrive here and are delighted they have returned to one of their old nesting sites. We have only placed netting on a small part of this vast cathedral for the reasons mentioned below. We did this in January which is well in advance of the breeding season and have monitored the falcons progress ever since.

Overall we are delighted the falcons are well, have a nest and we hope they continue to thrive.
Liverpool Cathedral has been a nesting site for a couple of Peregrine Falcons over many years and have been working to make sure they have a great environment to live in. Their presence around our building presents us with the challenge of preserving a protected species with maintaining a historic listed building.

The cathedral architecture has suffered from many years of damage from a build-up of guano, and it presents an attendant risk to people coming into the building. So we have tried to learn from the falcons’ behaviour over many years to encourage them to parts of our building where they can thrive and be protected. This includes creating a nesting box which we hope in future they will thrive in. We will also hope to use this to help us ring the chicks and provide valuable scientific information about their breeding patterns.
We have consulted with wildlife experts, including the RSPB, on a solution that we believe provides a safe environment for the birds and protects the rest of the building from the damage that pigeons and other birds cause. We have carried out this work away from the peregrines’ nesting season and tried to create a fresh welcoming environment for them.

Managing this is a complex undertaking however we will work to encourage the falcons into their new home and we will provide updates as and when we have them