Persistence - Reflection by Nelson, Tsedaqah Community Member


Read the reflection by Nelson, Tsedaqah Community Member, for Tuesday, 9 March, 2021.

I’ve never been one who enjoys slow, gradual change. When I did my homework at school and studied at University, I liked having a single, long time to study and was annoyed by breaks or interruptions. I like to get things over with and sorted and then move on to something else.

So you can imagine my impatience with Lent.

Lent is gradual. It is slow. It seeps into your bones, this season of abstinence and discipline. And it’s so incredibly slow I’m almost sick of it by week two.

It’s only now, really, that I’ve acclimated to the season, its profound and helpful focus on self-examination and repentance, simplified liturgy, and austere aesthetic.

This year, Lent is lining up with a slow, gradual build back in the Cathedral in expectation of Easter. We are slowly, cautiously building back, having learned, with the whole nation, the care necessary to keep everyone safe as we move towards whatever lessened lockdown lies before us.

I’ve argued previously that Lent is not the same thing, at least theologically, as lockdown. And I stand by that argument. Covid-19 is not an arbitrary punishment for the sins of humanity. All I know about it is that it is, at least a part, of the consequence of living in a broken world where disease is rife.

But far more importantly, I know that the God of Love in Jesus on the Cross loves His world and absolutely loves us. And does not wish us His children any evil.

That love, though, is a mystery. Our God is one big ol’ mystery who keeps his infinite cards mostly hidden. And part of the Christian vocation is to take the time over the whole of a lifetime to consider what we know about God and what God is saying to us everyday in the tradition of the Church, Scripture, and our God-given reason.

Especially in times like Lent. Where we have the opportunity to delve into the riches of our faith and consider the loving kindness of the Lord.

Slowly. Patiently. Persistently.


Tsedaqah Community Member

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