Plans, Plans, Plans - Reflection by Canon Bob


Read Canon Bob's reflection for Tuesday, 1 December 2020.

There is an old saying that goes:’ How do you make God laugh? – Tell Him your plans!’

If you are like me you will be having difficulty trying to work out what will or will not be allowed from Wednesday and then what the rules may be when it comes to gathering together at Christmas. In my life that includes our immediate family (thankfully all living in tier two areas) as well as here at the Cathedral and at St Margaret’s. In all aspects of life we are trying to plan for what the possibilities are, knowing that they could change at any time.

For most of us, in this country at least, this is a completely new experience. Normally at this time of year arrangements are being made for the next month or so, in the knowledge that the same family rituals will unfold as always. The usual tensions will be evident and the familiar embarrassments will have to be endured. Now however we are discussing who is in what bubble and when and whether we will be able to travel. That of course is made all the more complicated if one of our relatives is resident in a Nursing Home.

There has been much hard work going on in the background here as to what Services will be able to take place and what will be a safe number of people able to attend. Even then there are the challenges presented by ‘Eventbrite’ to overcome!

With all this in mind I would urge you to see this as an opportunity to give God a good laugh. Make plans for yourselves and your families and look forward to the different opportunity this Christmas and New Year will bring. It may be that some plans will need to be shelved or postponed but it is looking to the future with hope and expectation that should mark the season of Advent.

May God’s Blessing be upon you and all your plans.

Canon Bob

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