PUBLIC NOTICE application for new lighting in Lady Chapel


The Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool has applied for approval to the Fabric Advisory Committee under Section 8 of Care of Cathedrals Measure 1990 (as amended)

FORM 9 (Rule 7)


Section 8 of Care of Cathedrals Measure 1990 (as amended)

Public Notice on application to the Cathedrals Fabric Commission



TAKE NOTICE that the Chapter of the Cathedral Church of:


Christ in Liverpool


has on this date: 23 July 2021


applied to the Cathedrals Fabric Commission for approval of the following proposal:



The Proposal:


Remove two existing pendant type lights from the Lady Chapel antechapel and install four soffit mounted LED fittings and four wall up lights.



Summary of the nature of the work and its extent (and materials) [or in the case of an object, a short description of it and details of the proposal]


The new lighting is intended to be simple and non-intrusive whilst providing sufficient light for visitors to enjoy and interpret the space as a place of peace and contemplation.  Using light-weight and low-voltage cables, concealed in raked out mortar joints, the downlights before the central pillar, the downlights after the central pillar and the uplights are all dimmable on three separate circuits to achieve optimum ambience.  The warm white light sources and the pale brown (RAL 8025) finish will ensure that the fittings will be unobtrusive whether switched on or off.  All controls have been located out of sight in existing wooden cupboards alongside other electrical controls for lighting in the Lady Chapel.



Plans, drawings, specifications or other documents


Copies of the plans, drawings, specifications and other documents accompanying this application may be examined at the office of the Chapter of the Cathedral Church.


Liverpool Cathedral Office, First Floor, St James House, 20 St James Road, Liverpool, L1 7BY


From: Monday to Friday


between the hours of: 10 a.m. and  4 p.m.


from this day: 23 July 2021


and until: 20 August2021





If you wish to make representations about the whole or any part of the proposal described in this Notice you should write to:




Church House

Great Smith Street




so that it reaches the secretary not later than: 20 August 2021