Reflection by Canon Philip


Read Canon Philip's reflection for Thursday, 4 March, 2021.

Holding on to a stone parapet for dear life, head spinning just a little with vertigo, I looked out over the city as the wind whistled past, and Les, head of the Cathedral Constables, proudly pointed out landmarks from the vantage point of two thirds of the way up the Cathedral Tower. A month in to my new role as Canon Precentor it was an experience that has resonated. But I was warned. At ordination priests are reminded that the ministry is not one we can sustain in our own strength, but only with the constant aid and presence of God.

Our gathering in the morning and evening to pray shapes the Cathedral's day, and mine, moments of profound stability, even when hearing the searing words of the prophet Jeremiah, as we do in Lent. The presence and aid of God, who is good, who is with us, without whom we fall, but who raises us up on high, through simple, extravagant love. At Evensong hearing our remarkable choral scholars and organists magnifying God. It is good to be here.

I have encountered some remarkable people already in these last weeks, colleagues, musicians, regular worshippers, and this week, the dignified and heartbroken family of a young woman killed in her prime. God is here, in the midst of the city, a blessing, the font of hope and grit for the days ahead; playfully calling us away from weariness to soar again, as our great building does, lifting our eyes to the hills, to the joy at the heart of everything, the giddy horizons and infinite life that it is our incredible destiny to enjoy, hidden with Christ in God forever.

Canon Philip 

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