Space: the final frontier?


(Images thanks to Stefan Cosma and Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash)


Many, reading these words, might be immediately transported back in time to a TV programme which changed our cultural landscape completely….Star Trek.  Even for those younger than I, for the series continued over many years, changing into films and newer versions and then numerous re-runs of the TV programme; such is its longevity, fascination and attraction.  Space – the vastness of it, the technology to go there and explore….where no one has gone before! 

And its still a fascination – just what is out there; the size of our universe and how incomprehensible it all is; always being there in the night sky above us, it has intrigued and helped humankind throughout the millennia. The wonderful question, are we alone in the universe and just what might they be like if we made first contact…..that was just as amazing in Star Trek in terms of who or what they came across, as of course was all the technology on board ship…..many aspects, like communication and touch screen technology, now actually part of our everyday lives.  Although, we are all waiting for the ‘transporter’ to materialise (sorry for the pun – couldn’t resist that one!).  Space itself, and voyages into it, still fascinate so many of us – and the real efforts to get there or see deeper into it.  Like Nasa’s Mars rover Perseverance, or the Hubble and lately James Webb telescopes.


Who and what we are, what we’ve done over the millennia as humankind, the vastness of space and the universe, the incredible wonder behind, well frankly, everything in creation, is perhaps what makes the current exhibition in our cathedral so mind-blowing.  Many visitors are often ‘blown away’ when they first come to the cathedral – it’s sheer vastness, inside and out.  Indeed, I believe architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott wanted people to feel the space not just see the architecture. Peter Walker’s wonderful new light and sound exhibition in the cathedral is fantastic – in many of those ways that Star Trek and space are still so fantastic to us all.  Seeing space, stars, planets and all kinds of night sky objects projected onto the vast inner walls of the cathedral, together with aspects of chemistry, physics, biology, electronics, mathematics, space rockets…….all coupled with a superb music and sound track accompaniment.  Brilliant!


But the keen-eyed amongst you would notice the question mark in the title of this blog.  That’s deliberate; for in the same way that Peter Walker’s exhibition explores space and science, there is also much about life there – and what that life means to us. 

Perhaps the most important aspect there, for many of us, is love – it certainly is for those in the Christian faith; the bedrock of the gospel, the Good News brought through Jesus Christ… remind us of the gift of love; a gift which is God itself for all within creation – within the universe.  A gift which is indeed a frontier for many.  Having just had Valentines day, perhaps a frontier in the exploration of a brand-new relationship; getting to know someone better after waiting so long.  Or revisiting current relationships, refreshing, renewing, reacquainting.  Within faith there is an extra dimension to the frontier of love – that we don’t just love those we feel most attracted to and fall in love with, or are loved within our families and friends – but we extend that love across all frontiers, all cultures, all the diversities of created individuals….that we love all people, as we might love ourselves.  It is a gift, it is a challenge, it is perhaps a daily frontier for many of us to get our heads around. 


So why not visit us, and explore these new frontiers together?  Click here to book to experience 

this wonderful exhibition….it is open until the 27th Feb and you can just immerse yourself in a wonderful, awe-inspiring light and sound show.  Or visit us beyond this for whatever reason you wish – and perhaps encounter God and life in the ways most of value to you. Or perhaps continue to think of the love you have for your loved ones and others – in those wonderful ways you already do, or perhaps new ones to help care for others.

As always, whether with us, or in your own time and space, our prayers are with you…..with Christ’s love; go gently…..

Canon Mike 😊

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