Space, the Universe and Everything

Lights projected onto the Cathedral wall from the Space Light and Sound show

Without any hesitation, just go to the Liverpool cathedral and see it. Usually, this kind of invitation comes at the end of a blog where a long introduction and reasoning comes to an end then, the author is supposed to give a direction or something like that. However, this time no preamble is required as the show or better to say the art exhibition can talk for itself. The mesmerising environment of the great Liverpool cathedral during the night with that tremendous architecture, beautiful features, statues, and paintings is enough to fascinate anybody; then what would be when the whole universe surrounds you shining and glittering, like being at the centre of the cosmos and everything revolves around you; although, it is always the case for some people.   

Being at the centre of the universe is an obsession that humankind has had throughout history. The feeling of being unique, different, prominent, and special stimulates this desire. It depends on the way we look at the world around us. In a sense, we are at the centre of our universe and certainly special and unique; at least fingerprint-wise. But it is not true from the astrological point of view unless you are a flat earth believer!! I am not intended to open such a discussion here. 

Looking at a depiction of the universe in the cathedral may wonder us where we are; in the whole creation and the whole history or just human history or even the current world. Do we really make any significant change in this world? Are we as important as we think in this whole universe? Or it is just the vanity of vanities? Just a species in its natural environment that has survived for some hundred years and carries on maybe for another some hundred years then is replaced by other more advanced predominant species.

I hope this fabulous artwork does not bring you philosophical desperation but humbleness. Our egocentric approach to control everything for our sake does not quite function on Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and beyond that. Space, the Universe and Everything is a quick reminder of the greatness of the creation of which we are a part, not the centre. Looking at the sun, the moon, the history of mankind, stars, and the whole universe, illustrated on the ceiling and the walls of Liverpool cathedral, might make us think about something deeper than our daily routine life; or at least entertain us for a while, as the last time that I was there, excitement was evident in the action of the little ones and the face of grownups. It is on till 27th February thus do not hesitate and give it a go.

Best wishes