Spread Your Wings at Liverpool Cathedral


If you haven’t already heard, we’re hosting a new installation called ‘Angel Wings until 3 January 2021

Situated in the Derby Transept, Angel Wings is a moving light projection artwork. At shoulder height, its feathers pulsate and change colour to a curated soundtrack. It’s a great opportunity to become part of an artwork and to take a picture or video to remember the experience.

This light installation is an art form, creators Luxmuralis call ‘Light Tags’. The award-winning artistic collaboration, between Peter Walker sculptor, and composer David Harper is better known for producing large-scale light and sound shows.

A type of light graffiti, Angel Wings has been specially designed for Liverpool Cathedral. It’s the first time a ‘Light Tag’ has been used in an interior installation.


Peter Walker explains why he and David Harper developed the Angel Wings concept for Liverpool Cathedral,


“This installation is a great way to connect, to stand between the angel wings and feel part of the building and the stories that it tells. It’s also about capturing a moment, and being a messenger, taking a photo of yourselves and your family and sharing with others.

"Throughout history, angels have had various meanings. As messengers and guides, they are important to many cultures and religions. Cathedrals around the world are adorned with angels. You’ll find them as statues and in stained glass windows and paintings.

"We created Light Tags, as a way of making artwork which is instantaneous and fun, as well as being about the place they are created for. The Angel Wings have been made to let people come and feel part of the building, capturing a photo of themselves between the wings to complete the picture, so that they are the picture."


You can visit Liverpool Cathedral to view Angel Wings for free. You will need to book your place through Eventbrite.

Visiting hours for Angel Wings can be found on the Opening Hours web page.