Terri the Transit: a reflection on Kindness - Reflection by Canon Ellen


Read Canon Ellen's reflection for Tuesday, 12 January 2021.

One of the Micah principles is to love kindness (in some translations of the Micah 6.8 verse this is mercy). Kindness has become even more crucial to our all of lives during the last 12 months - Indeed kindness has become the glue that has held community together, kindness has given us opportunities to reach out and kindness has enabled us to become close to people even when we can’t hug or hold hands. Covid may have separated us physically but kindness has brought us together to speak out for those who cannot speak and defend the rights of those who are in particular need.

During the winter The Cathedral social justice charity Micah https://micahliverpool.com/ has worked with another charity called Together Liverpool https://togetherliverpool.org.uk/  (this is a diocese wide charity that shares similar principles and has begun a project called the Network of Kindness). For both Micah and Together Liverpool Kindness is not just about being nice – kindness is about how we engage in social action in ways that are ethical, generous, compassionate and caring.

One of the ways Micah and Together Liverpool are sharing kindness is through the Winter Boost project that has been funded through Feeding Liverpool http://www.feedingliverpool.org/ . This project enables various foodbanks to recieve a supply of fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the winter. We have also been able to purchase a van – we have named the van Terri the Transit. Terri is a shared resource for Together Liverpool and Micah and other charities to use to ensure fresh food is collected, shared and delivered across the city.    

If you see Terri the white transit van parked in the cathedral carpark or driving around the city delivering fruit and veg (we are awaiting logos for the van so you’ll soon be able to spot it more easily) please do take this as an opportunity to pray for the work of Micah and Together Liverpool. If you’d like to support either of these charities please do get in touch with me: ellen.loudon@liverpool.anglican.org

I pray that 2021 will be a year filled with kindness.

Canon Ellen

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