That Was The Year That Was - Reflection by Canon Bob


Read Canon Bob's reflection for Tuesday, 5 January 2021.

This time last year I had never contemplated writing anything that could even loosely be described as a ‘Blog’ any more than I could have guessed that I would have become competent at ‘live – streaming’ Morning Prayer from the Lady Chapel!

Blog wise I have done a little research and discovered that this is my eighteenth and as is traditional at this time I am going to take the opportunity of reviewing this last remarkable year.

Pauline and I are still walking which, if I am honest, has become something of an obsession. We have averaged over thirty miles a week for the last ten months adding up to more than 1,200 miles which means we soon could make Paris and back! In the summer I grumbled that during our walks we had to negotiate joggers and cyclists little knowing that the real enemy would be electric scooters.

In an early blog I paid tribute to members of the Diocesan cricket team of the 1980s and 90s. Sadly old age and illness have continued to take their toll in 2020 notably with the death of Jonathan Anders. Jonathon was a great supporter of the team in many ways not least when he and Elsie opened up St Anne’s vicarage as a venue for our annual dinners. He was a fine and gentle vicar and an outstanding Christian man.

Throughout last year the need for calm and clear leadership of diocese and cathedral could not have been more important or challenging. I believe that in Liverpool we could not have been better served. Our Cathedral building, subject to changing rules and regulations has continued to inspire and stands as a symbol of hope. The intimate Ordination Services in September will live long in the memory as will the recent Christmas ones as we have worshipped together in greater numbers.

On a personal note we acquired yet another grandchild in October which meant that on Christmas Day in 10 Lady Chapel Close there were (legally!) six adults and four children the eldest of whom was three! Thankfully Santa saw the sign and stopped.

All of the above seems to indicate that there are reasons to be thankful as well to lament and there is no doubt that the memories we have will in some ways shape the way we approach the future. In an earlier blog I disclosed that Myles and I attended the same school and so we have known each other in one way or another for over fifty years. As he retires, in my role as Chair of the House of Clergy, I  would like to send him my best wishes and the thanks of hundreds of ordinands who have benefitted from his care, kindness, and support and who are now flourishing in ministry.

So we stand at the beginning of another year with all its hopes and fears and I wish you all God’s blessing.

Canon Bob

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