The Cathedral Bees


Did you know Liverpool Cathedral has its own honey?

That's right, Liverpool Cathedral has its own brand of honey in collaboration with the Metropolitan Cathedral!

This 'sweet' collaboration came about thanks to a pioneering conservation project in 2014, which was created to encourage people to learn about bees and help halt the alarming decline in the UK bee population.

The hives were placed in the grounds of our cathedral in 2014 and ever since the bees have been extra 'buzzy' working together to produce lots of jars of local honey, which is on sale in our cathedral shop!

Our Cathedral bees are tended to by dedicated bee-keepers also known as apiarists... The bees not only create the most delicious 'Two Cathedrals Honey' but they also pollinate lots of flowers and trees around the Cathedral and its neighbourhood.

We want to celebrate our honey bees for bringing us this sweet treat that helps us support our Cathedral but also for supporting our local wildlife! So help in supporting local businesses and buy your honey here at Liverpool Cathedral.

Find out more here about how you can help protect bees.