The last blossoms


Every morning, on my way to work, I pass this scenery. This poor tree fell during February's storm. It could not resist the heavy wind, was pushed to the side by its weight and eventually surrendered to its fate. It is still there, on the ground, waiting to be chopped. At first, I thought it was sad; but suddenly, an amazing thing happened. A couple of weeks ago, it blossomed, even when its root was totally out of the soil and seemed to be dead; what a heart-warming and, at the same time, heartbreaking scene.

It is heartbreaking because there is no future for the tree. Those blossoms are its last contribution to the beauty of this world; then, it is over. But at the same time, there are signs of hope in that picture. Fighting for life and giving the best in what is its thing/speciality/expertise/purpose. It gives the last thing that could to this world, saying it is not too late to do an awesome job, even if there is no prospect.

It would be the same for us. We do not have to give up when we are disappointed or when we think it is too late. There is always a chance to turn the tables. The football fans understand it very well. Probably each of them has one or some joyful memories of the dramatic comebacks. Fight to the end is in the blood of the human species; otherwise, we were gone a long time ago.  

Many of us had the sad experience of dealing with long-term illnesses or having the loved one in that condition, which is more devastating, especially, talking about cancer. Even its name is frightening for most of us. But these things happen; to us, our family, our friends, and people we do not know. What can we do except fight, by any means? It is a tough battle, but fortunately, the treatment is not completely out of reach. The chance of surviving cancer has increased in recent decades, and it is due to the tireless efforts of many individuals and organizations. Each scientist, doctor, nurse, and volunteer has a significant effect in either advancing the treatment methods or curing the patients. We can be a part of this battle too. UK Cancer Research ( welcomes help and support from us in different forms. It can be voluntary work, participation in charity events, donation, fundraising, etc. Or, as a long-term plan, maybe we consider studying and taking part in the research as a scientist. 

Whatever problem tortures us, surrender is not the right solution. We have to carry on fighting for ourselves and our neighbours, like that fallen tree who did not give up or a courageous team looking for a comeback even in the 90th minute of the match. Even if there is a little hope, it is worth fighting. Our braveness might inspire many in the same situation, and our little help might open big doors for others in future.  

God bless you