The Third Sunday of Epiphany - Reflection by Canon Leslie


Join us for worship online and read Canon Leslie's blog post for Sunday, 24 January 2021.


Today is the Third Sunday of Epiphany, the season of the Church’s year in which Jesus’ identity is being revealed to the people around him. On the Feast of the Epiphany Jesus was revealed to the magi who travelled from the East. On the First Sunday of Epiphany Jesus was revealed through his baptism. On the Second Sunday of Epiphany Jesus was revealed to Philip and to Nathanael. Today Jesus is revealed to the guests at the wedding in Cana. When the wine runs out, Jesus replenishes the supply.  In verse 11 John explains why he starts with this story: it ‘is the first of the signs by which Jesus revealed his glory and led his disciples to believe in him’.  It is no accident that the first sign takes place at a wedding feast.  In Jewish thought the wedding feast is a way of speaking about God's Kingdom, when the Messiah will preside at the banquet.

For those of you who wanted to do some thinking and preparation for today’s service during the preceding week, I invited you to focus on the image of making wine. In so doing we made the link between the transformed wine at the wedding feast in Cana and the transforming wine in which we share at the Eucharistic feast. In today’s picture from Exploring the parish church, Bethan and Tomos are busy making wine for the communion service in their church, experiencing for themselves the fruit of the vine and the work of human hands.

Next Sunday the Fourth Sunday of Epiphany, the Gospel reading is Mark’s narrative of Jesus’ first healing in the synagogue at Capernaum. The image to help us prepare for that reading is jigsaw puzzle. You can find out more about that theme here We would really appreciate you letting us know how you are using these materials. Please send us your ideas and photos of the things you may create; email them to

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Bethan and Tomos send their Sunday greetings to all.

Canon Leslie