The trees of the garden - Reflection by Canon Myles


Read Canon Myles' reflection for Thursday, 17 December 2020.

When I was about to move to 2 Cathedral Close nearly ten years ago, Canon Richard and Louise who lived next door asked me about the silver birch tree which is shared between our two back gardens. It had got a little out of hand, and they hoped I would be happy for it to be pruned. I was more than happy for this to happen and it was duly scalped. It has certainly grown back with a vengeance in the intervening years. The first photo hardly does it justice, but at this time of year, it is not much to look at – a bit like the present Precentor! It comes to its full glory in late spring and is one of the last of the trees to shed its leaves in the autumn.

When I first contemplated moving in retirement, I thought how much I was going to miss the various views from this house - the River Mersey, the Welsh hills, and indeed this silver birch as it marks the seasons each year.

The house to which I move in January is literally just around the corner. It doesn’t offer views of the river, nor of the hills of Wales,  but from one of the windows in the main living room, I will still be able to see the Silver Birch in the garden here. From the other window, there are more trees. The second photo was taken a few weeks ago during the autumn.

I dare to hope that these two views which will be there for me as I retire from stipendiary ministry will help me to look back with thankfulness for so many wonderful years here at the Cathedral and in the parishes of the diocese too. So many lives and experiences have enriched my own, and for this I shall always be grateful. But I hope that the view from the other window will help me to look forward, to press on in the knowledge that with God our Creator and Redeemer, who years to make all things new, the best is always yet to be, and God’s mercy is renewed with each returning day. Thanks be to God!

Canon Myles

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