We announce the return of our abseil


Charity abseilers across the region will be celebrating the return of the ever-popular cathedral abseil.

2017’s event promised to be the last ever abseil as we were unsure of the event’s viability. But the overwhelming support from a range of wonderful local charities made 2017 one of the most successful ever. As a result, we knew we had something that we could work into the future.

Paul Smith, Director of Enterprise explains “organising a safe, successful and fun abseil from the heights of one of the country’s most significant buildings was becoming increasingly complicated. So we had to spend a great deal of time thinking through how it was going to work. 2017 was crucial. Either our plans would pay off or we would have to reluctantly call it a day.

“I am delighted that 2017 was so fantastic and came away convinced that the abseil has a great future for the cathedral. I’d like to thank all those who took part us this year, especially the amazing charities who have supported us for many years. I look forward to our 2018 abseil”.

To book your place for these dates you'll need to contact the participating charities. Click on the dates below, to find out more.

Charity Abseil 11 August 2018


Charity Abseil 18 August 2018