We install our Canon Precentor this Sunday


We are delighted to install Rev Dr Phillip Anderson as Canon Precentor on Sunday. You can watch the service live on Facebook on Sunday 7th 2021 at 3pm

As we are still under lockdown we have fashioned a socially distanced act of worship. And that means we cannot open it for public access so we will be streaming in live. You can watch the service at www.facebook.com/LiverpoolCathedral 

Philip succeeds Canon Myles Davies who retired this year. As Canon Precentor, he is responsible for the cathedral’s liturgy. Philip will work with the Director of Music, Dr Lee Ward; the renowned musicians of the Cathedral Choir; and the many others who shape and enrich our worshipping life. Under many Canon Precentors, the cathedral has built a reputation for using our awesome and intimate space creatively in worship.

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