Woman, Life, Freedom


Hundreds of deaths of civilians, including many children, thousands of injured and arrests, and ongoing bloody suppression in the streets is a summary of Iran's situation in the past month . I know it is not the way that a blog is supposed to start. Usually, it is an eye-opening depiction of the general idea of the talk, like a story or at least a joke directing us to the desired environment. But sometimes, we need a shock. Sometimes a bitter truth is much more effective than any designed story. And the truth is, at this very moment, people are being slaughtered in the streets of Iran.

Thousands of Iranians march in different cities dreaming of a life of freedom and safety. Values that here we take for granted. It is indeed the basic right of any human, but nations all around the world are fighting for those basics. After the tragic death of 22-year Mahsa (Zhina) Amini for not wearing a proper hijab, thousands of women and men all over the country formed the biggest and longest public uprising since the 1979 revolution, which is still ongoing. People from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities and languages are trying to gain their very fundamental rights; things as simple as choosing your outfit seem very ridiculous to even talk about, but people are actually being killed for that. Following Iran’s news, you see many shocking scenes of violence and blood shedding in the streets.

Usually, at this part of the blog, there is a signpost or a link to a charity or organisation. This time, I do not know what I can suggest to effectively support the movement of people in Iran.

At the very least, sharing the concerns and circulating the news might attract the attention of many people, politicians, celebrities, world organisations, and so on. It might lead to global action or provide some help. Encouraging our brothers and sisters in Iran might strengthen them in their difficult but beautiful journey. As Christians, we can keep them in our daily prayers. We must remember one of the most persecuted groups in Iran is the converted Christians. May the fruit of this movement be freedom for all the people in Iran; and one day, not too far away, we witness the thriving growth of god's church at the heart of Iran alongside all other beliefs and lifestyles that people of a free society willingly choose.

God bless you

Canon Saro