Diocese of Liverpool

The Diocese represents the Church of England in Merseyside and parts of Lancashire and Cheshire, an area of 389 square miles with a population of 1.56 million.

It is made up of two Archdeaconries (or regions), Liverpool and Warrington, with a total of fifteen Deaneries (or sub-regions) distributed between them, and each Deanery is responsible for supporting and coordinating a smaller group of parishes within its boundaries.

There are 255 churches, comprising around 230 parishes; 59 of which are within the 10% most deprived communities of the country. The Diocese has around 280 clergy (about 225 stipendiary) and almost 300 licensed Readers, with a further 60 in training.

St James' House

The work of the Liverpool Diocesan Board of Finance (LDBF) is operated from within St James' House, located adjacent to Liverpool Cathedral.

There are five key departments at St James' House. Their work can be very briefly summarised as follows:

  • Parish Development: including the current Resources team plus a new Church Growth & Ecumenism unit. This department is focussed on ministries of money, evangelism and church growth.
  • Lifelong Learning: which looks at the training needs of all people, lay and ordained, as they use and develop the many gifts God has given them.
  • Education: which works with and supports the many church primary and secondary schools in the diocese - a key area of mission opportunity.
  • Church and Society: which supports churches as they engage on many social, economic and environmental problems which affect our communities, and key issues of social justice.
  • Central Services: which support parishes by maintaining clergy houses, administering parish assets, overseeing pastoral reorganisations and managing diocesan finances.

For more information visit the Diocese of Liverpool Diocese website.

Or contact:
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